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Business Insurance

We also offer commercial insurance for businesses of all types and sizes. From stores to auto garages, one person contractors, hair salons and landowners to larger organizations and contractors, we work with each client individually to find the best coverage for their needs at the best price for their budget.

Our business insurance policies include the following coverages; please call us to discuss your business insurance needs!
  • General Liability:   Protects a business against losses to third parties from their operations. Provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others, personal and advertising injury and medical payments for third parties. Also has coverage for fire liability in rented spaces and most times, a business's products and completed operations.
  • Commercial Property:  Commercial Property insurance covers buildings, a business's property ("contents") and the property of others that the business has in its custody. Business Income is another piece of this coverage, and this replaces income that is lost when a business suffers a loss and cannot operate to generate profit or pay its own bills. Building coverage also includes any permanently installed ("attached") machinery and equipment, outdoor fixtures, items used to service the property and any additions that may be under construction, along with any supplies or equipment used for the addition. Contents coverage also covers rented property the business must insure. Specialized commercial property policies are available for buildings under construction ("builders risk") and commercial condominium ("outside the wall") owners and associations.
  • Commercial Package Policy:  A special kind of policy where a business can choose from different coverages they need and put them together in one policy.  The package policy can be made from any combination of seven different parts, including Commercial Property, General Liability, Crime, Equipment Breakdown, Auto, Inland Marine and Farm.
  • Businessowners Policy:  A pre-packaged property and liability policy that is designed especially for small to medium-sized businesses.  This policy's offerings are selected by the insurance company and often have very useful and practical enhancement coverages that are either automatically included or available for a lower price.  This policy is available for select businesses and eligibility requirements apply.
  • Commercial Auto:  Auto insurance for businesses to protect them against losses from the use of autos as part of their operations.  Protects a business against damage to their vehicle, driver injury or death and loss or damage to a third party's property or vehicle when the insured business is driving an owned or non-owned vehicle.  Special commercial auto insurance policies are available for truckers and businesses like garages and auto dealers that regularly have customers' vehicles in their possession.  
  • Workers Compensation:  Protection for a business's employees in case they are hurt on the job.  Statutory limits and above are available.  Workers compensation insurance is required in New York State. 
  • Disability Insurance:  Insurance to protect a business from the liability from an employee's injury or sickness off the job.  Includes pregnancy and gives injured employees benefit payments for a determined amount of time. 
  • Commercial Umbrella & Commercial Excess:  Provides extra coverage up and over a business's primary ("underlying") policy coverage once the primary's limits have been exhausted.  This kind of policy can go over general liability policies, commercial auto policies and professional liability policies.  Both umbrella and excess policies have "retained" limits the business must pay in order to get t hem to respond to a loss and requirements for the minimum amounts of primary coverage that must be carried.
  • Surety Bond:   Also known as "good faith measure of integrity."  Surety bonds are issued to guarantee that certain duties or obligations will be fulfilled.  Bonds are written to a specified "penalty" amount that the bonding company pays to the party requiring the bond if the obligation is not fulfilled.  Some of the different kinds of bonds include license and permit bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds and labor and materials bonds. 
  • Specialty Liability:  Includes Errors and Omissions, Professional Liability, Malpractice and Directors & Officers Liability policies.  Provides coverage to those in professional capacity positions from errors, failures to act or wrongful acts while providing their services.